DH-9050 Legend 3ch

  • DH-9050 Legend 3ch
  • DH-9050 Legend 3ch
  • DH-9050 Legend 3ch
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The entirely new 9050 Legend helicopter is a metal helicopter with a built in gyro to help stabilize your flights. This model is a 3 channel helicopter that is specially designed to fly in the outdoor environment. The 9050 Legend is great to take to the park to fly, and since it is a beginner model, you will be able to get it up and flying in no time. A full function 3 channel radio control allows the 9050 Legend to maneuver Left/Right, Forward/Reverse, and Up/Down. The real life styling of the design almost resembles the real thing, but is small enough so you can fly it almost anywhere outdoors. With its 3 channel digital proportional control and built in gyro, you will have a great first time flying experience. The airframe is extremely lightweight allowing this helicopter to fly over 100m high. When flying at high altitudes, your helicopter will need to be made real sturdy, the 9050 Legend is made from the highest grade material so that it can withstand most crashes. Running two powerful 180 Main Motors and an N20 Tail Motor, this helicopter can outperform most models in its class without breaking a sweat.

  • Length||24 in
  • Width||4 in
  • Height||10 in
  • Frequency||40.68 Mhz, 49.86 Mhz
  • Power System||7.4V Li-Po battery
  • Radio System||3 channel transmitter
  • Charge Time||90 min
  • Run Time||10-15 min
  • Max Distance||100 meters

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Artikelnummer: RC-136

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